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5 reasons to play Gladiator slot machine


Gladiator slot is a game developed by Playtech, a game developer behind many superhero slots. The game was released almost 10 years ago and since has become one of the most popular games at any online casino. Why was the Gladiator slot machine an instant hit?

We have 5 main reasons why players all over the world enjoy playing this slot. And why you will too.

1. You can’t watch the movie every day


Gladiator slot is, of course, based on the Ridley Scott’s movie. One of the best movies of all time that you want to come back to every day. Well, you can’t because you would be spending 2 hours daily on watching this movie.

What you can do is play the Gladiator slot machine. It’s not the same, but you can also win lots of money in the process. Or, play for free and come back to your favorite characters every time you play.

2. The soundtrack

You should note that the Gladiator slot doesn’t have the legendary soundtrack of the movie. But what it has does a great job of transferring the atmosphere of the movie onto the Gladiator slot machine.

It’s a bit of everything, really. A low tone ambient music, the sound effects form the movie. We promise you’ll get goosebumps every single time you will play.

3. Bonus Games

Gladiator has many features that draw players to play again and again.Bonus But two main features are the Colosseum feature and the Gladiator. The colosseum on the Gladiator slot works as a scatter, which means that two scatters pay back your bet, while three anywhere on the reels open up the special game.

4. Gamble or not

gambleIf you are not new to casino games, you probably know the name of Book of Ra. Another amazingly popular slot which came online after huge success in the land-based casinos. The Black or Red gamble feature has certainly helped this slot. And the same goes to Gladiator and many other games with the same feature. Players love it because even playing low bet strategy, you can double up 5 times through the feature every time you win.

That basically means that even if you play low slot limits, by taking more risks in doubling up you can turn every $0.30 win into $9.

5. Perfect payline slot

For beginners $0.30 minimum bet slots are quite expensive. Anyone who doesn’t understand that will be probably bust in an hour. As a beginner, you should look into low volatility, low cost slots. Like the Gladiator slot. You can bet $100 per spin if you want but you can also start as low as $0.25.

It may not seem like terribly more but in the long run it can make a tremendous difference. And the fact that Gladiator slot doesn’t have a large jackpot means it’s much more inclined to give out many small prizes. So, you shouldn’t encounter too many dry spells.