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Is Welcome Bonus Really The Best Way To Check Casinos?


Why is it important to look for a casino worth trusting?

Online gambling is increasing. Without requiring a trip to the nearest casino, millions of people convert to online games to try their luck.

Online casino is a rich badass branch in iGaming industry, there are many online gambling companies to choose from. Please note that not all online casinos are the same. Some offer simple services that you can expect from a traditional casino, while others offer less than a reputable service that will leave the player unhappy.

Therefore, it is an important to search for and find an online casino worth trusting.

Reputation of online casinos is an important factor


In the first place, consider the reputation of online casinos.

Have you heard about them before?

Are these the web parts of the established real casino?

Usually, the most reliable online casinos are run by companies that already have a presence in the gambling world. For reputation, it is worth eliminating companies that you have not heard of before.

Help in determining the legality of online casino gambling are the opinions of users.

In short, users’ opinions will provide you with almost everything you need to know when choosing an online casino. Opinions can usually be found in discussion forums. Here you will find information on which online casinos have a good reputation and can be trusted.

I am aware that you want to have an online casino that has a secure payment method that is protected against viruses or breaks. You will also need a company that has a simple web page that is easy to access.

All these factors and more are the features of online casinos that you can trust.

Online casino bonuses: which are the best?

magnifyingThe second thing you need to know about the types of bonuses offered by online casinos, for example, is that bonuses are often not as good as they look, especially in a casino that is not worth trusting.

Online casinos want to receive deposits because the more deposits they receive, the more money they earn. Try to remember when you decide to open a casino account only because of thousands of free euros or dollars that you promise.

There are three types of casino bonuses:

  • deposit bonuses,
  • no deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses,
  • and free spins.

Deposit bonuses:

they are the most common. Deposit bonuses are credited to your account upon deposit payment and are usually bonuses for matching the bonus – which means that they represent a percentage of the amount paid into your account.

Welcome Bonus:

BonusAs the name suggests, these are the bonuses you receive before making a deposit. Usually, to get your hands without a deposit, all you need to do is open an account and confirm your e-mail address. Welcome bonuses are much smaller than deposit, but – hey, we’re talking about free money! Even if we do not talk about thousands of euros, it would be pretty stupid to not get them!

Free Spins:

If you love slots online, you may want to consider one of the online casinos that offer free spins. These rooms allow you to play for real money – without any costs.

Bonus without deposit – the best option to take advantage of the new online casino

Welcome bonuses from the casino are where the first investment is not required.

That’s why everyone loves the bonuses and sites they offer them. These types of casinos without deposits do not require money deposits from gambling, which is very good for those who are new gamblers.

If you are not an experienced gambler or just looking for a new casino room, welcome bonuses without deposits from the casino give you the opportunity to test different platforms on the online gambling market, then help you choose a casino that has everything you need to enjoy well.

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Why free European roulette is the best version of the game?

European flag

If you were to go to any online casino and see what they offer their players, you probably be overwhelmed. Anyone would. Let’s assume you just want to learn to play some roulette. You will find a dozen of versions from a simple Roulette to Multiplayer Roulette and even Double Roulette.

Where do you even begin? We say, start slow. Start simple. Open a free European roulette table. It’s by far the best roulette game you should play.

Why Play Free European Roulette?

WhyThere are great roulette variations and there is a time to play these games. But, as a beginner, you should stick to free European roulette. Free games may not be as exciting, we know. But give it a chance.

First of all, European roulette has the best odds for the player (i.e. the lowest house edge). Which, if you’re interested in numbers is 2.6%.

The house edge comes from the green 0 (zero). Otherwise, at least theoretically, you could play an even game if you bet black (or red) 100% of the time. This is like tossing a coin and expecting it to land on either heads or tails. But the coin can land on the edge (trust us, it can). That’s the zero on the roulette wheel which tilts the scale towards the house. That’s why the American roulette, with 0 and 00 has double the edge of the European roulette (5.2%).

European roulette free online – practice and play

practiceWhy we and so many others enjoy roulette is that it is a slow-paced game. If you are just practicing, you don’t need to make extravagant bets. Take your time, stick with red/black or even/odds and get used to the rhythm of the play.

The great thing about this game is that no one is waiting for you like in blackjack. No pressure on you. Even if you want to make a bet every 10th round, you can. Not one person will object. Don’t underestimate the freeing power it can have on you as a beginner.

Plus, there are countless places where you can play free European roulette until you feel confident to switch to real money games. If you want that eventually, of course.

Getting to the next level

Next-levelWhile you can play European roulette for free online for as long as you want. But it is also an amazing game if you want to raise your game. Strategy-wise there are already plenty of top-level resources. Just browse through Amazon and you will find dozens of highly rated books.

If you want to start using systems, you can. You probably won’t play black/red forever. When you want to move, many systems are readily available to you. Most of them for free. And it’s not even the best part. Roulette can be as complex as you make it to be. You can choose a system from a 100 based on what you find it comfortable for your level.

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Free slot apps to keep the boredom away


Life is too short to be boring! You can dance in the rain, hitchhike to the beach or, simply, play online slots on your mobile phone. Why slots? There is the entertainment factor, obviously. Even more so than all of the Castle-themed games. You don’t have to be worried that someone will come while you are offline and take your free spins away.

Also, whoever you are, you can find a theme for yourself. And best of all, it’s free.

How to play free slots

How toAs a casino player, you an use several ways to play free slots. First, the fastest and the easiest is to go to any (almost) casino and load up their play money slots.

As easy as that. Some casinos don’t even require you to register. You just play.

Then, you can also visit the App store and download any game from there. The advantage of playing through free slot apps is that you have reviews and the ratings next to each app. This can help you decide which are the best apps to play. Slotomania, for example has an astounding rating.

However, there are drawbacks, as well. Yes, you can play as much as you want, but you won’t win any real money prizes. On the other hand, when you use no deposit bonuses and free spins offers to play real money slots, you actually stand a chance to winning. Maybe even the jackpot.

Luckily, these days mobile games are on the rise. Casinos do everything to keep fighting for their market share. That’s great news to players like you. Watch out for free offers to play, use them and never risk anything when you play online slots.

The best free slot apps

The bestWe already mentioned Slotomania. Players love it – who can blame them? The app is really well-built, not to mention all the smart ways players get rewarded.

For real money games, we recommend having a couple of apps ready. All of the top casino brands have their dedicated apps. You can download a few and play for free as much as you want.

Why do we recommend having a couple of apps at once? Well, there are bound to be great free spins offers. But neither we nor you can know when exactly are they coming. So, the best next thing is to get ready upfront.

You can do that by installing apps like and Unibet Spin City. Of course, any other casino app where you already have an account. This way, you don’t have to look. Notifications will come to you and you’ll know where it is the best to play at any given moment.

As long as we are talking about the best slots apps, we would like to also mention William Hill, Mansion Casino and BGO casino apps. They are all top of the line software examples – easy to use and plenty of useful features.

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5 reasons to play Gladiator slot machine


Gladiator slot is a game developed by Playtech, a game developer behind many superhero slots. The game was released almost 10 years ago and since has become one of the most popular games at any online casino. Why was the Gladiator slot machine an instant hit?

We have 5 main reasons why players all over the world enjoy playing this slot. And why you will too.

1. You can’t watch the movie every day


Gladiator slot is, of course, based on the Ridley Scott’s movie. One of the best movies of all time that you want to come back to every day. Well, you can’t because you would be spending 2 hours daily on watching this movie.

What you can do is play the Gladiator slot machine. It’s not the same, but you can also win lots of money in the process. Or, play for free and come back to your favorite characters every time you play.

2. The soundtrack

You should note that the Gladiator slot doesn’t have the legendary soundtrack of the movie. But what it has does a great job of transferring the atmosphere of the movie onto the Gladiator slot machine.

It’s a bit of everything, really. A low tone ambient music, the sound effects form the movie. We promise you’ll get goosebumps every single time you will play.

3. Bonus Games

Gladiator has many features that draw players to play again and again.Bonus But two main features are the Colosseum feature and the Gladiator. The colosseum on the Gladiator slot works as a scatter, which means that two scatters pay back your bet, while three anywhere on the reels open up the special game.

4. Gamble or not

gambleIf you are not new to casino games, you probably know the name of Book of Ra. Another amazingly popular slot which came online after huge success in the land-based casinos. The Black or Red gamble feature has certainly helped this slot. And the same goes to Gladiator and many other games with the same feature. Players love it because even playing low bet strategy, you can double up 5 times through the feature every time you win.

That basically means that even if you play low slot limits, by taking more risks in doubling up you can turn every $0.30 win into $9.

5. Perfect payline slot

For beginners $0.30 minimum bet slots are quite expensive. Anyone who doesn’t understand that will be probably bust in an hour. As a beginner, you should look into low volatility, low cost slots. Like the Gladiator slot. You can bet $100 per spin if you want but you can also start as low as $0.25.

It may not seem like terribly more but in the long run it can make a tremendous difference. And the fact that Gladiator slot doesn’t have a large jackpot means it’s much more inclined to give out many small prizes. So, you shouldn’t encounter too many dry spells.