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Why free European roulette is the best version of the game?

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If you were to go to any online casino and see what they offer their players, you probably be overwhelmed. Anyone would. Let’s assume you just want to learn to play some roulette. You will find a dozen of versions from a simple Roulette to Multiplayer Roulette and even Double Roulette.

Where do you even begin? We say, start slow. Start simple. Open a free European roulette table. It’s by far the best roulette game you should play.

Why Play Free European Roulette?

WhyThere are great roulette variations and there is a time to play these games. But, as a beginner, you should stick to free European roulette. Free games may not be as exciting, we know. But give it a chance.

First of all, European roulette has the best odds for the player (i.e. the lowest house edge). Which, if you’re interested in numbers is 2.6%.

The house edge comes from the green 0 (zero). Otherwise, at least theoretically, you could play an even game if you bet black (or red) 100% of the time. This is like tossing a coin and expecting it to land on either heads or tails. But the coin can land on the edge (trust us, it can). That’s the zero on the roulette wheel which tilts the scale towards the house. That’s why the American roulette, with 0 and 00 has double the edge of the European roulette (5.2%).

European roulette free online – practice and play

practiceWhy we and so many others enjoy roulette is that it is a slow-paced game. If you are just practicing, you don’t need to make extravagant bets. Take your time, stick with red/black or even/odds and get used to the rhythm of the play.

The great thing about this game is that no one is waiting for you like in blackjack. No pressure on you. Even if you want to make a bet every 10th round, you can. Not one person will object. Don’t underestimate the freeing power it can have on you as a beginner.

Plus, there are countless places where you can play free European roulette until you feel confident to switch to real money games. If you want that eventually, of course.

Getting to the next level

Next-levelWhile you can play European roulette for free online for as long as you want. But it is also an amazing game if you want to raise your game. Strategy-wise there are already plenty of top-level resources. Just browse through Amazon and you will find dozens of highly rated books.

If you want to start using systems, you can. You probably won’t play black/red forever. When you want to move, many systems are readily available to you. Most of them for free. And it’s not even the best part. Roulette can be as complex as you make it to be. You can choose a system from a 100 based on what you find it comfortable for your level.