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Free slot apps to keep the boredom away


Life is too short to be boring! You can dance in the rain, hitchhike to the beach or, simply, play online slots on your mobile phone. Why slots? There is the entertainment factor, obviously. Even more so than all of the Castle-themed games. You don’t have to be worried that someone will come while you are offline and take your free spins away.

Also, whoever you are, you can find a theme for yourself. And best of all, it’s free.

How to play free slots

How toAs a casino player, you an use several ways to play free slots. First, the fastest and the easiest is to go to any (almost) casino and load up their play money slots.

As easy as that. Some casinos don’t even require you to register. You just play.

Then, you can also visit the App store and download any game from there. The advantage of playing through free slot apps is that you have reviews and the ratings next to each app. This can help you decide which are the best apps to play. Slotomania, for example has an astounding rating.

However, there are drawbacks, as well. Yes, you can play as much as you want, but you won’t win any real money prizes. On the other hand, when you use no deposit bonuses and free spins offers to play real money slots, you actually stand a chance to winning. Maybe even the jackpot.

Luckily, these days mobile games are on the rise. Casinos do everything to keep fighting for their market share. That’s great news to players like you. Watch out for free offers to play, use them and never risk anything when you play online slots.

The best free slot apps

The bestWe already mentioned Slotomania. Players love it – who can blame them? The app is really well-built, not to mention all the smart ways players get rewarded.

For real money games, we recommend having a couple of apps ready. All of the top casino brands have their dedicated apps. You can download a few and play for free as much as you want.

Why do we recommend having a couple of apps at once? Well, there are bound to be great free spins offers. But neither we nor you can know when exactly are they coming. So, the best next thing is to get ready upfront.

You can do that by installing apps like and Unibet Spin City. Of course, any other casino app where you already have an account. This way, you don’t have to look. Notifications will come to you and you’ll know where it is the best to play at any given moment.

As long as we are talking about the best slots apps, we would like to also mention William Hill, Mansion Casino and BGO casino apps. They are all top of the line software examples – easy to use and plenty of useful features.